Dump Eloquent SQL
SQL example

Have you ever wanted to see how the final database query looks like before getting its result? Do you need to see how where conditions are grouped or you just need to implement pretty queries log? Me too, and here’s how I do it.

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PHPUnit and Reflections
PHPUnit reflection test example

I’ve been rejected many times in the recruitment processes. I was also unsuccessful over and over proving my practical or theoretical skills for freelancing contracts. Typically, the reason was obvious and reasonable. Once, there was an interview I’ll probably for a long time. I failed because I couldn’t simply explain why my unit tests look […]

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One weekend with PyGame
Pygame logo

This very last weekend of 2018, I decided to play with Python for my really first time. Honestly I don’t remember playing any game for last years, so I thought why not write my own. In this article I’ll have a look into PyGame, one of many basic “gaming” libraries for Python.

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